AGT food processing facility kicks off $30 million Minot expansion

MINOT, North Dakota – AGT Foods, a Saskatchewan-based supplier of pulse crop food products like peas and beans, held a dedication ceremony for a $30 million expansion of its Minot, ND food processing plant on Aug. 5, Powder & Bulk Solids reported.

The expansion will add 33,000 additional sq ft to the facility and about 20 jobs. For career info, click here.

“We’re proud to be here. Agriculture is a big part of the North Dakota economy and pulse crops – peas and lentils and chick peas – the world is demanding high-protein, high-fiber, non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients and that’s what we’re producing at this plant for major food companies around the globe,” the company’s president, Murad Al-Kaltib, said in a CBS KXNews article.

The Minot facility opened in 2011 and produces over $100 million worth of food products annually, the KXNews report said.  An estimated 80 percent of pulse flour, protein, starch and fiber products produced at the Minot plant are used to make pet food.

The Minot Daily Newscoverage said that the expansion will give the facility the ability to expand from three processing lines to six.

AGT Foods’ president Al-Kaltib told the paper that future growth in the food industry is likely.

“We need to produce, in the next 50 years, as much food as we have produced in the world in the last 10,000 years in order to meet the growing population of the world,” said Al-Kaltib.

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