Would you like some art with your coffee? Door 204 Coffee Shop Art Studio opening in Watford City

NORTH DAKOTA — Cameron Horning draws, paints and even silk screens fabric in his Shred the Lead Studio located with the Door 204 Coffee Shop. The partnership allows him to put his artistic mind to work. “It’s limitless. I mean, life is just full of it. The way that my mind works I’m constantly snapshotting photos in my head,” Horning said.

PHOTO: (L-R) Michael Curtis, chamber member; Cameron Horning, Shred the Lead Artist; Beth Veeder, Owner; Josh Skogland, Old Barn Woods Artist and Karen George, chamber member. (Photo by Kathy Taylor).

The location not only makes his dreams a reality and displays them in a public setting. “It’s perfect. It’s perfect. She’s (property owner Beth Veeder) been so open and so supportive as far as the art, it’s been great,” Horning said.

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Photo courtesy of Roundupweb.com/Kathy Taylor

Source:  Williston Economic Development

Source:  KUMV-TV


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